Thursday, April 8, 2010



Come to our info night! We will have a workshop with Northwestern Mutual Representative Janessa Evans. There will also be FREE PIZZA and SODA!

Quarterly Membership Dues are $10 for all events, guest speakers, and meetings.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Guest Speaker of the Quarter!

Hey MBA Club,

I wanted to let you all know that during our next meeting, January 28th at 7PM, we will have our first guest speaker!

Whether you want to become a high flying financier, join a prestigious marketing firm, or become an entrepreneur, this is the meeting to attend. During the meeting Frank Song will share with you techniques he used to become an investment banker, and run a full service real estate firm while attending UC Davis. By the end of the meeting you will be knowledgeable of a step-by-step process to achieving your dream internship or job offer.

Topics will include:

· How to contact a firm, and form a lasting relationship to ensure an internship or offer.

· How to property write a resume to increase your success rate.

· How to sell yourself in an interview to make a great impression.

· How to become a networking ninja.

· How to maximize your internship or job search efforts.

For those of you that were not at the info meeting, our guest speaker will be Frank Song. A sample of some of Frank's background and achievements are as follows:
· Current UC Davis Student

· Youngest Real Estate Broker in California

· Instream Partners LLC - Boutique investment banking specializing in the semiconductor industry.

· Mergers and Acquisitions Summer Analyst

· Transaction experience includes:

· Advised a client on an $800 million public to private buyout

· Kayne Anderson Capitol Advisors - $7 billion financial services organization. Most notably, UCLA’s Anderson School of Business is named after one of the founders, John Anderson.

· Growth Private Equity Summer Associate

· Sourced $152 million in investment opportunities.

· Invested between $10-50 million in private companies

· Main responsibilities includes:

· Speaking with CEO’s of companies with $10-300
million in revenue.

· Conducting due diligence and pitch investment
opportunities to senior deal team members.

· Wynand Financial – Real Estate and Mortgage firm

· Owner and Broker

· Manages five agents

· $100,000 in profit within opening 6 months ago.

· Currently has a full-time offer with a top 50 investment bank after graduation.

For those of you interested in an internship, please bring resumes to the meeting and dress professionally. He will NOT be conducting interviews at the meeting; however, if he is interested in your resume, he will do call backs and interviews with those that have the proper qualifications.

REMEMBER: This event is for active members only! If you are not an active member and would like to become one, please bring your membership due of $10 at the beginning of the meeting and we will add you to the roster. Keep in mind that all active members will be able to attend all future guest speakers for the duration of the quarter in which you are active so you will not only be able to hear Frank's story but any other speakers we get this quarter!

Hope to see you there,

MBA Club

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December 1st: STUDY SESH!

Hey everyone!

As you all know, finals are just around the corner. Since MBA club understands your frustration and need for a cookie while studying, we're holding a study session for our last meeting!

We'll provide yummy snacks (cupcakes, cookies, Starbucks Coffee , etc) for the members! Several of our members are Communication, Econ, Man Econ, and International Relations majors, so feel free to bring any questions or study material that you need help with. You never know how much you can learn from your peers! :)

See you all there!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 10th Meeting!

This Tuesday, Jacque Bartholomew, recently retired from Wells Fargo Bank as manager, will be speaking about her journey into the world of finance. Jacque is a UC Davis graduate and has contributed quite a bit of funds to UC Davis in order to help the development of the University. She was the manager of the Davis branch of Wells Fargo but has recently retired after 41 years of excellent service.

She will be telling her own personal story of how she got to her position and status from her humble beginnings at UC Davis.

For all active members, this will surely be an opportunity to learn first hand what it takes to become a success in the business world.

Please remember that all guest speaker events are for active members, and active members are only those that have paid their dues. If you would like to attend, but are not active, please see the Treasurer, Chris Tung, before the meeting to become active.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Upcoming Events for November 2009

November 17th, 2009
We have a guest speaker, Cheryl Purifoy, who will be talking about the UCDC Marketing Intern position here on campus. She will then be conducting two group interviews for those who submitted applications: one at 8:15 and again at 8:30. Remember, for guest speakers like this the affire is business. Wear what you'd wear to an interview, because that's essentially what will be going on during that meeting.

Also, for this Tuesday's meeting, 11/10, dress in business attire. We'll send out an email later today about this Tuesday's meeting and what to expect.

If you are interested in this opportunity send your cover letter and resume by November 13 to

This internship will look great on a resume, you can get transcript notation for it, and you will be gaining valuable experience in the fields of marketing, business, and advertising.

Cabinet Member Bios!

Full name: Justin Thomas Waterman
Major: Economics, Communication
Class standing: Senior
Home town: Pasadena, CA
About me: I like video games, camping, the beach, and hanging out with friends. I'm a brother in a leadership-based fraternity, Sigma Chi. My favorite T.V. shows are Heroes, The Office, Entourage, and Lost.
Internships/Jobs: Over the summer I was a data analyst for the Veteran's Affairs hospital in Long Beach. For Fall, I will be dually interning with CBS College Sports as a college sports campus rep and with Sierra Railroad company. I worked at Starbucks from 2007 to 2008 and loved it.
Accomplishments: Recipient of the fostering futures scholarship. I'm in the student advisory committee in the Guardian Scholars Program, and the president and co-founder of the Marketing and Business Association club.
Goals: Short-term goals: Graduate and find a job that pays well. Long-term goals: Go back to school to get my Masters in Business Administration and maybe even work for myself. And, of course, be happily married and a good father.
Likes and dislikes: Like: BMW's, In-N-Out, the Social Sciences and Humanities building, Hironobu Sakaguchi, my two pocket beagles, PS3, WoW. Dislike: Slow internet, dry contacts, the constant push backs of Final Fantasy 13.
Quote: "Hug it out, bitch" -Ari Gold, Entourage

Full name: Smriti Simmi Sinha. I go by Simmi :]
Major: Communication
Class standing: 4th year
Home town: Pasadena, California
About me: I absolutely love movies, hiking, camping, video games, and eating. I play every string instrument except the guitar but my passion is the bass.
Internships/Jobs: I was employed by Starbucks for 4 years. Over the summer, I interned at the VA Hospital and worked in the Public Affairs department. I’m also a part of the UC Davis Athletic Department (aka the Aggie Pack).
Accomplishments: Co-founding the Marketing and Business Association and receiving an Internship with Aggie Pack before officially transferring to UC Davis. And of course, transferring to UC Davis in general!
Goals: I would like to eventually work in advertising, preferably with Google or Coca-Cola. I would also like a career in Sports Marketing. In the end, I’d like to be self-sufficient and working for a company I love.
Likes and dislikes: I like/love food, driving, the mountains, video games, WoW, chapstick, and Sprite. I dislike people that walk slowly in front of me when I need to be somewhere.
Quote: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go” –Dr. Seuss

Full name: Elizabeth Nishea Andolong
Major: Communications, with a Spanish minor
Class standing: SUPER Senior!
Home town: San Francisco, CA
About me: I'm a fun-loving and very motivated individual. I love to spend quality time with my close friends and am a voracious reader when my schedule allows. I absolutely love to expand my horizons and learn new things. Last year, I taught myself to play the guitar and avidly took up yoga! I love to entertain people, too; singing and dancing are two of my favorite hobbies. I think its very important to do what you love.
Internships/Jobs: I just finished an internship on the Sony Pictures lot in LA, within the Screen Gems Publicity & Marketing department for Creative Advertising. Before that, I worked with Vantage Point Media editing short video clips and Sacramento Fashion Week, helping out with event and model management. I currently plan to go back to VPM to hone my editing and photoshopping skills.
Accomplishments: Scoring the internship with Sony Pictures and the lead role in "A Walk to Forget."
Goals: Be a boss. Haha jk! No, I would love to have my own business and be able to successfully balance family life.
Likes and dislikes: I love good music, good books, good food, and good company. I dislike smelly people, wet socks, and being late.
Quote: "Why does having high aspirations get such a bad rap? If a person never wishes for more reward, she's selling herself short. Not having aspirations is cause for alarm." ~ Kimora Lee

Full name: Max Bausher
Major: Communication
Class standing: Junior
Home town: Seal Beach, CA
About me: I am a Junior Transfer from Rutgers University (in New Jersey), but I am a Californian at heart. My most defining qualities would most likely define me as extroverted, motivated, and non-judgmental. The main themes I emphasize most in my life is the ability to network well and be open to be open-minded to others ideas/perceptions. In my pastime I enjoy the outdoors, especially water-related sports (surfing, snorkeling, free-diving), as well as camping and hiking.
Sunset Rentals Position -- Manager Time: 5 consecutive Summers (2005 -- 2008)
Self-Employed Position -- Club Promoter (NYC) Time: September '07 -- June '08
Accomplishments: State Champions (LAHS Surf Team), Successfully managing a small business, Transferring to UC Davis!, Becoming an active cabinet member of the Marketing & Business Association at UC Davis.
Goals: Graduate School (MBA), Successful Career in PR, Marketing most likely in Entertainment Industry
Likes and dislikes: My likes include being organized, determined, focused, and going after what you want in life. My dislikes are those that have the skills to be successful, but don't take advantage of them, narrow-mindedness, and dishonesty
Quote: The biggest risk in life is to not take a risk at all

Full name: Christopher Paul Tung
Major: English and Economics
Class standing: Junior
Home town: Fremont, CA
About me: I am a geeky kid that likes comic books. I am working on writing my own comic book, but if that doesn't pan out I would like to focus my efforts on getting into marketing because I like talking to people, telling people what to buy, and making money.
Internships/Jobs: ASUCD Coffee House: 2008--Present
Accomplishments: I helped co-create a scholarship program at my high school and raised $2,000 to award to students that exemplify great work ethic.
Goals: Short term goals: Graduate college in four years with two majors and a minor. Long term: Write comics for a living, win an Eisner, get my foot into Marvel Comics.
Likes and dislikes:
Like: Books, Movies, Games, Comics
Dislikes: Poorly written comics, people who think avocado is a vegetable and not a spread at the CoHo,
Quote: "Embrace your dreams" -Zack, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Full name: Kirstin Stone
Major: Communication
Class standing: Junior
Home town:Riverside
About me: I am the secretary for the Marketing and Business Association here at UCD. I am also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta. School, MBA, and Theta pretty much make up my life at this point, but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.
Internships/Jobs: Go Girl Energy Drink Campus Brand Rep, CBS College Sports Brand Manager, Winter-Spring 2009
Goals: Short term: To graduate with good grades, while still making sure that I live it up i my last 2 years here in Davis. Long term: To get a job in Marketing/Public Relations in the field of powersports, and ultimately, find a job that doesn't feel like work.
Likes and dislikes: Likes: Smiling, Theta!, spending time laughing with my family and friends, Davis, this list could really go on forever.... Dislikes: Grumpy/lazy people, early mornings (and especially early morning classes)...
Quote:"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" --Mark Twain
"I don't know, but I've been told, If you keep on dancin' you'll never grow old" --Steve Miller Band

Full name: Stephanie Au
Major: Design and Communication
Class standing: Senior
Home town: Santa Rosa, CA
About me: I really enjoy graphic design and typography. I absolutely love coffee! My favorite TV shows are FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother. I am also a big fan of musicals. Hanging out with my friends and family is one of my greatest treasures in life, and I am inspired by hard-working and motivated individuals.
Internships/Jobs: I interned last quarter for Childers Marketing Group in Woodland, CA, and I have been working at the UC Davis School of Education CRESS Center for about two years as a student assistant.
Accomplishments: I am currently the Graphic Design Chair for the MBA Club and love it!
Goals: My goals are to graduate on time and find a successful job!
Likes and dislikes: I really like food!! Cooking is amazing! I also really enjoy diving into a project and feeling accomplished about the outcome. I dislike riding the bus on rainy days.
Quote: "I am part of all that I have met."

Full name: Janet Wu
Major: International Relations and a Minor in Chinese
Class standing: Senior
Home town: Santa Rosa, CA
About me: I am a 4th year senior just trying to enjoy what is left of college. I hope to pursue an MBA and work in a business related field in the future. I love college and I love life!
Internships/Jobs: I have had many jobs and internships such as working at Kaiser Permanente, Macy's, Gap, Kumon Learning Center, and Sapporo Japanese Restaurant. Currently my jobs are working on campus at the Department of Campus Recreation where I work in payroll in order to make sure students get paid on time in our various units. I also currently work at Lango Davis where I am a Chinese instructor for kids ages 18 months to 9 years.
Accomplishments: My accomplishments are receiving many academic awards as well as landing as a Chinese instructor.
Goals: My goals are to pursue business school and receive an MBA as well as land a career in investment banking or financial analysis.
Likes and dislikes: My likes are coffee, ice cream, singing, dancing, swimming, sunny weather, vacations, and anything fun. My dislikes are carrots, bacon, messiness and cold weather.
Quote: "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." --Robert Frost